Fuel new hair release

July 26, 2009



New release’s at Fuel!!

Also ALL the hairs I had up at the Hair fair are now at my mainstore so if you missed them you know where to find them! 😀

Sandy x


I’m back!! and coming back with a bang at the Hair Fair that officially opens it’s doors tommorow

Demos for the hairs are up at my mainstore.

Don’t stress if you can’t make it to the hair fair though , as the hairs will be up at my mainstore after the event.

Have fun and happy shopping!

Hair fair

Hairfair 2

Fuel 50% off Pre Xmas sale!

November 26, 2008

50% off everything

Yesss it’s me and my sale again!

I thought it would be only appropriate after being MIA to make a little sale to treat everyone with!

I promise I will create some new stuff soon but since graduating I’ve been a busy bee trying to sort rl out!

Anyway’s picture sales it all..Come on down and play in the snow ha ha ❤

❤ Sandy

Fuel Special offer!

September 10, 2008

Ok ok I’ve been realllly busy in RL so in turn have been neglecting everything slightly * cries *

So.. I thought I’d be nice.

Red Bella shoes = 1L

Red Bambee wedges = 10L

Offer remains ONLY till Next week Wednesday so hurry up!

Hey guys!!

Remeber the Fuel 50% off sale is still ON!
EVERYTHING is marked 50% off till saturday 6pmslt so get your butts down here before you miss out!!

❤ Sandy

Fuel 50 % Summer Sale!!

August 4, 2008

Hey guys

Even though the London summer is as usual.. unpredictable! I still thought it would be nice to do a sweet summer sale!

So as the poster says the sale starts NOW! and will go until Saturday 9th August at 6pmslt.

EVERYTHING is on sale..excluding the discount items outside the store of course.

Hopefully I’ll be bringing out some new things very soon!

So don’t miss it!

❤ Sandy

I graduated yayyyy! \o/

July 19, 2008

Yessss and it’s late and im tired so yah….

woohoo 😀 I am now a graphic design illustration and publicity&promition graduate!

Get wasted time soon? 😉 ( Not TOO wasted of course..I am sensible!!!)

And NO I will not post any mash up drink photos..I just dont DO unsensible….:D

❤ Sandy

Fuel special edition shoes!!!

Just fit for summer and ONLY available at the Shoe expo 2008 and a portion donated to the aspca charity like the rest of the shoesies.

* Melon Gladiator Sandals * – Nice and fruity with little watermelon charms dangling of the buckles

*Summer Chibs in berry * Cute slip on sneakers with more writing on it seeing as it was a big hit. ” Got summer ? ” / Live fast die pretty”
– Fit with a cute metal berry charm

So come on to the expo and snap these up while you can!!!!

Click on this for a TP to the expo
❤ Sandy

Hey all

I got told today that oddly enough the Fuel CHIBS GREY left foot has no perms whatsoever!!

Yesterday they were fine , but today decided to get rid of the copy function so can we all kick sl please!!

So if anyone has bought the GREY CHIBS and wants the right version then please send me a note card with your transaction history and I’ll be glad to resend!

😦   * goes to spank some lindens with the left shoe*

❤ Sandy

Hey all ❤

Finally the shoe expo is now open..I didn’t even have enough time to do a teaser! :O Up till 4am last minute and this morning… typical student I say!

I have released some new footwear and I’m soooo glad how my skills have advanced and am uber proud of myself!

Presenting Chibs and Naima Gladiator Sandals

You can choose from patent shiny gladiator sandals or Ash coloured. There may be further colours in the future.

These are now available at the Shoe Expo and also at the main store.

The shoe expo will span from July 12th through to the 27th , a portion of any sales you lot click on in my funk’d out store will be donated to the ASPCA ( Prevention of cruelty against animals).

So come on down either store :), if you want to give to charity or not XD

❤ Sandy